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  1. Make a plan. Schedule the big and little tasks accordingly. The room that is your biggest vexation start there. Keep focused and make lots of coffee. The reward is summer bbq's soon enough. 
  2. Top to bottom on the shelves, cabinets and storage areas. Keep the things you use most right in front of you so you don't have to dig for them later. 
  3. Use boxes, bags and any type of organization tool to help in the process. Definitely, clean out of the junk drawers. 
  4. Wipe all the cabinets and appliances down. Empty the garage refrigerator and give it a good cleaning too. 
  5. Use a great vacuum. Most consider HEPA Vacuums the best. Bring in the big guns and make that needed purchase of a great vacuum this spring a must have. 
  6.  Don't forget to lick the windows clean. 
  7. Use a great steam cleaner on the file flooring. 
  8. Change those filters in the furnace and consider replacing the fans in all the bathrooms.
  9.  Be safe first. 
  10. Open those windows and let the light in!!! It's spring. Time to get happy and let the magic of the sun do what it does best, shine.