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A wholehearted welcome for Brandon and Jessica Hotz, the founders of Elevate People in Kearney NE, to I AM LOCALE. We are inviting our readers into the world of a non-profit that promotes artisans globally with a cause and passion to change, elevate and create opportunity. By teaching artisans to establish ethical businesses. So that is what they did, now we get to see the results of an artist who otherwise wouldn't have been able to create. The creation leather accessories. We have heard of the light that exists in mankind's eyes, when it can be taken for granted and what potential circumstances arise in which it is forsaken. We have witnessed the methodical fashion of poverty, the conundrum of children's hunger, world hunger, elder hunger to be exact. Technically speaking, there is a row so desolate that even the lonely cannot endure. A road which has no friends and perhaps not even an enemy to stand in opposition to, it is the nothingness. This cipher is the shameful trade of human trafficking. While worldwide, it is estimated that ten thousand laborers are deceived or captured into forced labor annually in the region of Indonesia alone, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The compassion left in us appears unaffected, remaining sincere, especially when faced with this perpetual people problem. This day we met the creators and founders of a transformation organization that set the momentum for change. It is in them, we are compelled to continue an advocating voice of alliance in their story. Which all started in South Asia. 

We understand the need to provide for our families, desires to contribute and pay it forward.  It's that knowing. When the term "light" is spoken about another, we certainly know what is being conveyed. Throughout history we have sought to build these bridges of prosperity and hope. No longer closing the book on what is vividly spoken in our very own eyes. Today we have met a few volunteers of this revolution.


Part of their success in their team. The more we get to know these people the more we feel compelled to scream out loud "Elevate People Everywhere!" This backbone of dedication is taking place in the middle of Nebraska. Both CEO and co-founder Brandon and Jessica are natives of Rushville and Lexington and their connection, friendships and local business relationships are very well respected in this small town of Kearney. When growing up in a town of 851 people, as a young man you have goals. So you go find the prettiest smile in Lexington, then go change the world. Steadily, they have gained a dedicated following of truly authentic contributors, as well as brand recognition globally with companies like Buckle. Plus, they are funny and their mission simply puts a smile on your face. Just lean in close and observe the reactions of their raving fans, like Sara one of their many volunteers currently operating as Product Manager for Elevate People. Unsympathetic in her own advice on how to live, she proclaims "learn to give your life away". Wow Sara. Ruthless in her ability to implement marketing strategies and define their core vision. Most definitely the one eager to make waves.  Proclaiming she doesn't listen to the noise and snuffs out all the haters with a simplistic counter "because we're doing it", that is why your why and the why. Indeed. This team at Elevate People reviles against pain, suffrage and any mistreatment of mankind. They believe and thrive within their own defined standards of character and this creative x-factor persona is kicking out some seriously cool gear. We are truly the lucky ones to have stumbled upon Drew at our local festivals here in Colorado. He their Business Manager of Development and client care coordinator we were treated ethically. Every single piece of communique has been seamless and just as remarkable as the products they sell. 

It is simple, they have left us in awe with their compassionate stance.  It takes one person, group or team to literally alter a home, a family, and an entire community.  An elementary belief in their fellow brethren is what they leave us with. Just believing in one another proves it works. We cannot properly articulate what has transpired here - all we can say is bravo team Elevate!

You took one leather creator, believed in the light left in his eyes and elevated him to his highest potential. 


The defining moment of a legacy is when it comes full circle.  This moment in time, in our world we are given a real example of unleashed potential. This is where the story becomes whole. They say a mountain could be an obstacle for most, that is, until the viewer believes it will be climbed. Brandon and Jessica climbed and moved that mountain within South Asia. They worked very hard to accomplish this visionary approach to ethical business.  A legacy was truly born in the last few years with this non-profit, however. Because of their passion, suitable in their dedication and an outright refusal to give up on human advocacy, this our friends is what we define success. They taught this one leather creator where to find fish. So he found fish. They taught him how to open up a business. So he did. They helped him sell. So he did. Then the student, became the teacher. Unknown to Brandon and Jessica, this artisan stumbled upon another man in his village. A man who had little light left in his eyes, this leather artisan stated. A man that wanted his children to go to school . A man that wanted to provide for his family, his community and his heritage. A man that felt shame and guilt. So, what did this leather artisan do? He taught him to do the very thing Elevate People taught him. In his own words "I just did what you did for me. I did what you taught me how to do." Fish. 

Yes, if there is any question as to whether his children are happy and in school today. They are and with the leather artisans children. 

A legendary example. This inner giant that exists within us all, is waiting. In other words, our light can be seen. 


Purpose Products is their mark, and how can we disagree. An amazing collection of creations and rich color choices to select from. Traveler's totes, cross body bags, clutches, wallets, wraps are just a few to mention. A worthy notation is that they are eco-friendly and crafted without the use of heavy chemicals. The men and women behind each piece are fulfilling a bond of ethical business for humanity and that is something you can get behind. You get the "feel good" when supporting a man with a family and a few good friends who live in a village somewhere in South Asia. 


Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough. We must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do." 

Go all the way up Elevate People! Do you. 


Brandon and Jessica would like to thank Drew Wagner, Jessica Madron, Andrew Vrbas, Sara Ferguson, Andri Halouska, Heather Schmitz, Seth Tschetter and Matt Neher. 

Be Epic our Friends in South Asia-

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