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We are transfixed on the latest artistic talent coming out of Denver, Shay Davis.

Experience surrealism in its most engaging form and join us. A unique draw-in for the public with eyes wide open, here, we readily establish our own goal of authenticity. This desired use of stimuli within the industry is always a challenge for any artist to accomplish. Effortlessly, he draws, the axis flips components and we begin a voyage in the artist's mind. Surrealism requires one question. It is never what you see in the art but what the art sees in you. 

Shay Davis with Shay Vision in the Sante Fe District, is able to pull out just that, seemingly effortlessly. Invoking the subconscious within another is an indisputable call to action and one that demands full participation. This true native awes with his gift of co-creating visions. Complete with vibrant color, spectacular detail and edgy storytelling this legend keeps us frolicking in a world of surreal existence. This world renowned poet of oil on canvas leaves us awestruck and eager to see more of his work. He is consistent and active in social media and urban circles. He is an award winning Denver artist and a champion of life. Describing him as anything but remarkable would simply be unjust. His work is mesmerizing. You can watch the vortex clock stop and switch directions, literally the axis. Leading us to recognize, call out and touch our own persona, we are able to dance with the artist himself in a realm of subconscious unity. 


Shay’s menu of creativity invites you in and offers you a seat at the table with wisdom as the main course and an ever flowing faucet of Malbec. In attendance, the swan inspires the greatness of potential inside any woman, thus inspiring us to embark on the perplexing existence we call life. One of the artist's favorites is his piece "Coming Home" which currently resides in Denmark. Here we experience a female falling from the constellations back into the deep abyss. She makes her journey and asks us to question what events orchestrated her exit. Did she ever know or exist until she was aware? The glass house with the lights still on.  Note the solitude of the teachers resting in ancient sea glass, adorned with the pearl and keepsakes. The trenches of the Mariana are kept somewhere in the great Pacific.  We start to expand our horizon. How the blooms radiate independency, chaotic. Her wings clipped free falling back, she arrives… home. Was the most critical the “coming”… or was it “home”? In real life we reflect both, and the truth is You and only you own the answer. The artist beckons you co-create with him and personally identify with his art.  If you gaze just a little longer and contemplate what exactly is staring back at you, it becomes clearer. It becomes your experience. Life’s sweet nemesis, an image you cannot get out of your head…the mirror. You. 


Shay’s ability to narrow in on the viewer’s perspective is his artistic trademark. He searches for your conversation and he is admired by your visual break.  A gentleman by nature seconds as his business card, evident in his long lasting relationships within his zone globally. Marking a famed following of diverse devotees to his work we continue to dig up purpose with an outstanding collection, his legacy.


A series we are fond of included the Seven Deadly Zins in which he co-produces the perceptions of sin. Here we find powerful conveyances that shakes our souls just a little.  In the United States, our country’s default on the mortgage industries significantly affected not only the housing and financial markets but also the public perceptions as a whole. His empathy resonates with his compassion for people and family. Shay takes no backseat to his emotional intelligence on this subject either. Unapologetic in his piece PRIDE, he moves us with a significant indisputable truth.  So we walk through the valley of Zin and we come across a feminine figure manipulating adversity.  Neither daintily holding destiny in her hand without shame for her actions nor owing penance for the debauchery that is about to commence, she sits on her throne. Royalty appears to be her title. She is a queen, a victim, or neither. A slight glare she lures us closer, while symbolic representations of kings and the lions of Wall Street once out of sight now come forward. The artist depicts the insatiable hunger and thirst of greed with stunning surrealism that connects our memories with. Pillars of shattered concrete on NASDAQ’s floor are the fiery den where stockbrokers stake their claim of bloody vengeance on their very own. This mysterious figure displays a crown, a safe haven for the multidimensional eye. Its pinnacle serves to be a recorder of fact in those times of turmoil or perhaps she is just the observer to our choices in Zin. At the end of the day utter disaster and the complete devouring of hearts, minds and souls are inevitable as the apple turns… red. 

Shay establishes the War on Greed and stamps our memories permanently in history with real life events. 


A plethora of stories exist within us. Larger than life lizards and mountain lions act as our gatekeepers. The ultimate dual of conscious versus subconscious struggles as you wait, and then… it happens. The movement of the canvas stops. The giraffe straightens its neck and the virgin’s scarf exposes all. A familiar voice calls unto you and whispers “hello, we have been waiting…” The realm of surrealism is the psyche's ability to communicate past the subconscious into the master component of your perceived truth and it is in that place that we can co-create the vision. 

In closing, there have been great artists throughout history, fully capable of initiating that transubstantiation and embodying the audience with the surreal. Shay naturally weaves this transmuting into his work.  His return from San Diego back home to Denver enriches our culture. We hope to see more of his influence throughout Denver in the coming years.

Emblazoned on our fabric as a true representation of local and on behalf of the team at I AM LOCALE, we leave you with our favorite piece, Shoulder to Shoulder available for purchase in our store below. 


Shay would like to thank his mother for her continued support and adoration. His father for encouraging him to pursue his passion. His brother for being his biggest fan. His friends worldwide that joined him along the journey. Lastly, his baller and one-eyed little D. Deezle who has served as his best friend and companion over the years. 

Thank You Davis -

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Grow or Die
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Grow or Die

Signed limited edition prints. Three sizes to choose from. These are gallery wrapped canvas that are stretched and ready to hang. 

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