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The features of subscriptions orders are here. Artisans may offer their products with our newest subscription offer by contacting their designated sales consultant.

Our Artisans can now sell goods or services on a recurring basis. Subscription products are great for local consumer and, add to the vibrancy and shopping simplicity in our districts.


  • Packaged food and beverages customers order regularly

  • Subscription boxes for cosmetics, and other health and beauty items

  • Ongoing services, memberships, and maintenance packages

Artisans are able to work with a local consumer with ease and efficiency. All charges are automatic when a subscription renews. Once we receive the order, we fulfill it, and repeat that process for each renewal. Local consumers can cancel their subscriptions at any time.

Our non-profit friends are not able to participate in this feature at this time. But, we are working on it!



When a local consumer clicks on “subscribe” to purchase, they are taken directly to checkout, here you are able to review the product and details. Once the order is confirmed you are prompted to create a new customer account.

How customers sign in and manage their information:

Customers sign in using the Sign In link in your navigation menu. When signed in, the link changes to My Account. After the local consumer enables their customer account they are able to manage their information and view their orders.

Once you’re signed in, you can click the My Account link to:

  • View their orders

  • Manage their subscriptions

  • Add and update billing information

  • Add and update shipping addresses

  • Update their name or password

  • Cancel their subscription at anytime

How do I cancel a subscription?

Local consumers who buy subscription products can view and manage their subscriptions from their Customer Account. After signing in, click My account, and then Subscriptions. All subscriptions are listed in the Subscriptions section. Click a subscription to view its details, including:

  • The next order date

  • Price

  • Subscription frequency

  • Order history 

  • Saved billing and shipping information

If the subscription has a limited number of renewals, the panel also displays the number of payments left in the subscription.

To cancel your subscription, they click Cancel Subscription. In the confirmation window, click Cancel Subscription. You'll receive an email notification when complete.

To update your payment information, they click Payment Method, and then Update Payment Method.  

If you would like to cancel future renewals, you can do so by logging into your account and following these directions. If for any reason you are having trouble reach out to our tech team. We will process within 24 hrs.


Artisans are to provide tracking numbers, once local consumer’s subscription renews.

Keep in Mind

Pricing remains the same once an subscription has been purchased. Any alteration to a subscription product changes the product for future subscribers. Current subscriptions will continue to place orders for the original product and price. For example, if a local consumer purchases a subscription product for $10, and the Artisan has a price change to $15, the local consumer subscription will continue to renew at $10.


Payment Failure?

Customer is notified to update their billing information. We attempt once after 5 days and, cancel subscription after 10 days.

Can a local consumer skip a renewal?

No. If a customer wants to skip a renewal, we cancel their pending order after it’s placed.

Can a local consumer pause their subscription?

No. If a customer wants to pause their subscription, they should cancel the subscription, and purchase the subscription product again in the future.

Can I change how often a subscription renews?

Yes, the Artisan outlines the terms within the product. If options for renewal are not determined by Artisan, then only one option exist for subscription.

Can a local consumer apply a discount to a subscription product?

No. Discounts can’t be applied to subscriptions at this time.

Can a local consumer buy a subscription with a gift card?

No. Gift cards can't be applied to subscription products.

Note: all discontinued subscriptions are handled by the Artisan. However, we provide the local consumer a 30 day notice of any projected product cancelation.

S P E C I A L T Y   O R D E R S

Are those that are not marked deliverable by UPS or FedEx Ground. Please contact our sales consultants direct for clarification. Freight may apply.

Specialty: Initial Order - $500. Per our merchandiser guidelines please note that due to the size and/or weight, many pieces may require shipment via freight carriers. Truck orders less than $1000, can incur higher freight costs.

Minimum Quantities: Items that have minimum quantities must ship in multiples of minimum. If any item is considered a speciality item it will be outlined in the products description. 



Each Vendor or Artistisan will convey their own requirements regarding Minimum Order Requests and Quantities in the description of their products. 


When you purchase something from one of our vendor or Artisan using PayPal, you are automatically eligible to be covered by PayPal's Purchase Protection program. To review what types of items and claims that are available to you, along with filing a dispute for a transaction. Please click, here

stripe and apple pay  

When you purchase something from Apple Pay or Stripe with us and have a dispute, we ask that you first contact your banking institution. A representative from Apple Pay or Stripe will contact us directly. Please voice your concerns to your trusted banking partner. We will do everything on our side to resolve.

Credit Terms: We accept American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa. We authorize use of PayPal and Apple Play for our customers. Customer credit card is charged at time of purchase. All payments are processed through a secure encryption at I AM LOCALE. 

Credit Accounts: I AM LOCALE does not currently extend customer lines of credit. 

Commission Orders: A 50% deposit or payment in full is required before the order will by artist/vendor. Payment in full is required before the order will be released by artist/vendor. Commission work is considered to be on “hold for completion" order until a deposit is received and terms are established. Each artist/vendor has their own set policies regarding commission work. I AM LOCALE request an outline of 60 calendar days for completion with artist/vendor where no agreement is defined in writing and the remaining of the cost of product, minus deposit due prior to shipping. 

Delivery: I AM LOCALE is a drop ship ready company. In-stock items are generally shipped within 5 to 9 business days from date of an order with complete information by our artists/vendors. Order acknowledgements are prepared at the time of order placement. I AM LOCALE adds an additional 1-2 for processing orders. Which equates to a total of 6-11 days to receive your order is our standard policy.  When you receive an order you will see that it is coming from the artist/vendor and I AM LOCALE. If you are choosing a priority method to ship, please understand that the vendor or artist is bound by any terms of service with our priority shipment processors. FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx Standard Overnight, FedEx 2 Day, USPS Priority Mail, USPS Priority Mail Express and USPS Retail Ground. 

International Shipping: Commonly we are collaboration with international vendors and artists. Each vendor or artist has their own time-frames depending the product being sold and delivery. Meaning that due to this uniqueness I AM LOCALE will specifically outline the timeshares and expectations that the purchaser can expect. Please review the detail section of the product that is being purchase, for the exact detials of shipping and payment. 

Customer Order Pickup:  I AM LOCALE does not offer this option. There is no storefront of I AM LOCALE. However, some vendors and artist offer a direct pick from their location. In this case it will be outlined in the check-out process. 

Back-orders: Every effort is made to ship product as quickly as possible, but occasionally items are back-ordered. You will receive notification and extended the option of waiting or cancelling your order. In the case that you wait, we will keep you informed throughout the process. As soon as the items become available, we will notify you. Once it becomes available it will be shipped. 

Shipping: We have very competitive shipping rates, and reserve the right to select the carrier of our choice. Small parcel orders ship via UPS, USPS or FedEx Ground and Priorities parcel services. As well as international at our sole discretion. Larger items and volume orders will be shipped via common carrier. Any additional charges such as gate, inside delivery, re-delivery, etc. that are billed during the shipment will be billed to the customer.

Refused Shipments or Address Correction: The customer is responsible for all additional shipping and handling charges on incorrect shipping addresses. All refused shipments are subject to a 15% restocking fee and shipping charges both ways. Please note that unfortunately, we will be unable to change the address for any items that have already shipped out from our artists/vendors. 

Damages and Claims: Inspect all packages and report visible damage immediately. You may reject the package to the carrier. We make every attempt to insure your products are shipped and wrapped accordingly with our artists/vendors.Please snap a photo and send us the damage immediately. Please be expeditious as all damages must be reported within 10 business days, or the claim may be denied. Any shortages must also be noted on the delivery receipt and reported to I AM LOCALE.

Please complete the Damage Claim Form and submit with images to claim@iamlocale. Images must be attached on any claims over $100, in order to file a claim.

Returns: Returned merchandise must be in original boxes or it cannot be returned for credit. Shipping charges on all returned merchandise must be prepaid. All returns must be authorized and may be subject to a 15% restocking charge. To complete your return, vendors require a receipt or proof of purchase.



EFFECTIVE 12/01/2019 I AM LOCALE will be selling on Facebook & Instagram and, will offer the following protection to the buyer when products are purchased through these platforms. As defined by Facebook Purchase Product Protection


1. Overview

Understanding Our Policies

Our Purchase Protection Policies provide buyers with peace of mind when buying products on Facebook. If you're buying a product on Facebook, we want you to have a great experience every time. But if you have an issue with your purchase, our Policies are in place to help make things right.

If you experience an issue with your purchase on Facebook, you should contact I AM LOCALE to see if you can resolve the issue with them. For eligible purchases, our Purchase Protection Policy guarantees that buyers will have a chance for Facebook to review certain issues when a resolution cannot be reached with the merchant directly. When you file a claim, Facebook will review the dispute and issue a refund for the full purchase price of the item and shipping costs to the buyer if the claim is approved, or close the claim. Decisions are made in Facebook's sole discretion.

2. Protected Purchases

When Are Your Purchases Protected

Most purchases that you make using Facebook's onsite checkout from a Page shop or a I AM LOCALE on Marketplace are covered by our Purchase Protection policies. Your purchases are protected in the following situations:

  1. Item not received.

  2. Item damaged or significantly different than described. For example:

    • Item was damaged during shipping

    • Item is missing major parts, and this wasn't disclosed

    • Item was described as “new,” but the item received is used

    • Item is a different version or edition than what was displayed for the purchase

    • Item is completely different from what was ordered

  3. I AM LOCALE not following their stated refund policy.

  4. Unauthorized purchases.

Which Purchases Are Not Protected

The following items and situations are not covered by the Facebook Purchase Protection Policies:

  1. Any products or services that are prohibited by the Facebook Commerce Policies

  2. Vehicles

  3. Real estate

  4. Financial products or investments

  5. Precious metals and gemstones

  6. Equity or debt in a business

  7. Custom or made-to-order items

  8. Services

  9. Donations

  10. Industrial machinery

  11. Perishable items

  12. Buyer's remorse

  13. Items shipped using an intermediary or freight forwarding service

  14. Items where the exchange of the purchased item happens in-person

  15. Orders that have already been refunded or charged back by the buyer's bank

  16. Damage that occurs to items after they are delivered

  17. Items with a purchase price over $2,000

3. Disputes & Refunds

Reaching Out To I AM LOCALE

You should first contact the I AM LOCALE to resolve your issue with a purchase.

Shipping and Returns

I AM LOCALE must fulfill and ship orders within 3 business days from the date of purchase, or the buyer may cancel the order or request a refund. I AM LOCALE must provide buyers with valid tracking information on purchases.

I AM LOCALE must accept returns of any product if it is new and unused and returned within the time specified by the I AM LOCALE in the product listing for that purchase. The time specified for returns must be at least 30 days from the delivery date.

Filing a Claim with Facebook

I AM LOCALE has 2 business days to respond to you and attempt to resolve your issue. If I AM LOCALE has not responded or resolved your issue after 2 business days, you can submit a claim for Facebook review. If your issue remains open after 7 days and you have not submitted a claim to Facebook, a claim for your purchase issue will be automatically generated and reviewed by Facebook.

When you file a claim, answer the questions presented, and include details regarding your issue within the form. We'll review your claim, including any messages that you and I AM LOCALE sent to each other along with supporting documentation from the buyer and I AM LOCALE. We'll typically respond within 48 hours.


You can file a claim for the full price of an item with a purchase price up to $2,000 including tax and shipping. You have a lifetime coverage limit of $10,000.

You must file a claim within 45 days from the date of delivery of your purchased product, or within 60 days for unauthorized claims. If you never received your item, you must wait 2 days after the last date of estimated delivery before filing a claim.

When reporting unauthorized purchases, you should notify us immediately so that we can try to protect you from financial loss. You must submit a claim within 60 days after the charge.

Your purchase is no longer protected and Facebook will not issue a refund 180 days after the date of the purchase.

You must be in compliance with Facebook's terms and policies, including the Community Payments Terms, to be eligible for Purchase Protection.

Resolving and Closing Cases

If Facebook approves a buyer's claim, the buyer is refunded for the full purchase price of the item and shipping costs. Decisions on claims are made in Facebook's sole discretion.

Denied Claims

Reasons your claim could be denied under this policy include:

  • The item received was the same as described by I AM LOCALE in your purchase

  • The claim was filed due to buyer's remorse

  • The item was received and the I AM LOCALE verified the delivery of the product

  • You disputed the transaction with the bank that issued your credit or debit card

  • You didn't submit sufficient evidence requested by Facebook to support your claim

Policy Abuse

If you file fraudulent claims for purchases made on Facebook, we may disable your ability to make payments on Facebook or take additional action on your account.

I AM LOCALE Policy on Non-refundable Items

Additional non-returnable items: 
Gift cards
Downloadable software products
Some health and personal care items

Mutual Liability: Neither artist/ vendor shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage due to the use of a product. Buyer beware. Customer shall determine the suitability of any product and verify its intended use. Customer assumes all risk and liability in all manners. In lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied this notice shall prevail. Artist/vendors only obligation shall be to replace a product once it is proved to be damaged. 

Product Specifications: Unless otherwise noted, all glass, ceramic, porcelain and metal items are for decorative use only. All artists/vendors product lines are handmade. Sizes are approximate. Color variations and imperfections are the characteristics of hand craftsmanship. 

Privacy: Privacy Policy, which also governs your terms of use of I AM LOCALE combined. 

Corporation Copyright Notice: This website and its content are the copyright of - ©2017, I AM LOCALE, All rights reserved. 


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