About i am locale

We are locals that have conceptualized a different way of connection. I AM LOCALE seeks to be a movement of local pollination. Voices of visual intention. Serving the free spirit and ultimate expression of entrepreneurship. We proclaim our strength and statement of self, I AM.

We are a collaboration platform that simply enhances the already vibrant contributions we give on a daily basis to our neighborhoods, towns and cities.

Through many conversations with locals, it was realized that there is an essential desire for collaboration and interaction within, and of, local districts. As a result of these conversations, the idea for I AM LOCALE, was intrinsically formed.

The vision of  I AM LOCALE is to bring diversity and sense of community to your businesses, and social circles through online engagement. To create a balanced platform that encourages and promotes one another on a local level. This platform will showcase the local businesses products of creation. 

Our vision starts with ONE person reaching their highest level of potential professionally, while continually elevating our clientele to the next level. 

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